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Imelda Roberts - President
Imelda is the creator of Pinoy Boomer responsible for overall planning, design and strategic directions of Pinoy Boomer. A multi-awarded senior executive, Imelda is also the President of First Magnitude International. She brings over 20 years of senior executive management experience to Pinoy Boomer. She is also the first Filipina to receive the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


Jeff Snively - Chief Operating Officer
Jeff is in charge of operations including accounting, grants and contracts, and other administrative services functions of Pinoy Boomer. Jeff has many years of management experience with large Fortune 100 company in the US. He also serves as the Vice-President of First Magnitude International, primary sponsor of Pinoy Boomer.


Johan Cerrada - Arts and Graphics Director
Johan is responsible for overall design of arts and graphics for Pinoy Boomer. Since 2005, Johan has worked with several projects for First Magnitude International. His work covered brand design, media graphics, digital and web designs. Under his creative direction, he is responsible for overall design of Pinoy Boomer website, media kits and various arts and graphics needs of PB.


Francis Tagubuan - Talent and Production Director
Francis is in charge of finding talents and artists for Pinoy Boomer's Song for a Cause Project. He directs production of music and video in the Philippines. He has worked for many years with GMA Network, a multi-awarded company and one of the largest television networks in the Philippines.

PINOY BOOMER is a project of Imena Azul, Blue Dreams USA and First Magnitude International
Inspired by Barefooted Soul - www.barefootedsoul.com
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