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Your World is My World

Benefiting Tondo Millennium Challenge

Pinoy Boomer (PB) is pleased to announce its first ever Song for a Cause initiative in support of the Tondo Millennium Challenge Project. PB extends its support to Father Benigno Beltran SVD, Coordinator for this project, and help his causes to touch the lives of close to a million residents of Tondo, Manila. Tondo Millennium Challange, a project conceived in response to the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals for the poorest district in Manila, focuses on addressing livelihood, educational, and the environmental issues in Tondo.

Pinoy Boomer is calling upon every Filipino and people around the world to support this cause. Written by Imelda Roberts, the first Filipina to win the prestigious Ellis Islands Medal of Honors, My World is Your World and its Tagalog version, Ang Mundo Ko'y Mundo Mo were specifically written for PB and this project. Both versions were completed in collaboration with Vehnee Saturno, one of Philippines' great songwriters/record producers and the man behind many hit songs. Popsie Saturno also helped us in the English version of My World is Your World.

Lordenn Panganiban performed both versions. She is the Grand Prize winner in the international singing competition in Beijing, China, where she won the Golden Prize and competed with 18 countries in the 11th Asia New Singer Competition in May 2010.

We hope these songs carry the message that will resonate in your hearts.

How can you help?

You can help in three ways: 1) Donate to Tondo Millennium Challenge and put your money to work to educate 120 of the smartest and the brightest among the out-of-school youth in Tondo to turn them into entrepreneurial leaders towards helping achieve the Tondo Millennium Challenge 2) Be a friend of PB's first Song for a Cause project and support My World Is Your World Project. 3) Connect and share with us other ideas that may have positive impact on this project.

For just a dollar each version (plus PayPal fee), download the song, Ang Mundo Ko'y Mundo Mo or its English version, My World is Your World and help in a great cause!

Make a difference and help us in this important cause!

Touch a Million People, Give Life to a Million Trees

A Million People ...

Tondo, with an estimated one million residents is the poorest district in the City of Manila. It has one of the largest colonies of slums in the world. It is considered as the most densely populated city in the world. The success of JPIC Project focusing on Tondo, would have a great impact not only in this community, but for the whole Philippines. It would mean...

  • 10 Million people lifted in poverty
  • More than two million attaining primary education
  • 240,000 more children reaching their fifth birthday
  • 12,000 mothers saved, and
  • 6.7 Million more people given access to safe drinking water.

It is no wonder why Father Benigno Beltran was chosen to be the Coordinator in this important MDG Goals. Father Ben was instrumental in transforming Smokey Mountain, a once notorious landfill where over 25,000 scavengers make a living through 2million-tons of garbage. Now, this landfill is closed. With Father's Ben there is hope for its residents as he brought in this community livelihood, educational opportunities, child care and spiritual programs for the poorest of the poor. (See Father Beltran's profile under Inspirational PB). Now Father's crusade is Pinoy Boomer's crusade.

A Million Trees ...

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has given Father Beltran and the "Children of Mother Earth" a stewardship agreement on 135 hectares for reforestation at the Marikina Watershed in Montalban, Rizal. This means your help will help Father Beltran's and his team to plant a million trees "to combat global warming and assure Manilans of water to drink."

Our Targeted Goal.

From a million pesos to a million downloads, our goal is to at least help in the education opportunity for future leaders of Tondo Millennium Challenge and evaluate other specific areas where our help can be maximized. We count on the Flipino community and other people of the world to help us in this cause.

Support our Cause and Download ...

The net profit for your .99 cents dowload for each version goes equally to the following two major causes:

  • A portion of profits goes to Tondo Millennium Challenge
  • It also funds Pinoy Boomer programs, projects, and administrative costs.
Three ways to support the Tondo Millennium Challenge:
If you have any questions you may directly contact
Father Benigno Beltran SVD at


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