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VISION & MISSION- Pinoy Boomer (PB) envisions to be the mother site of what is great and cool about Pinoys at home and abroad. It is our mission to rediscover and find organizations, businesses, as well as, individual Pinoys who inspire us all through the work they do. Through this website, we honor the legacy of those who touch the lives of Filipinos, their communities, the Philipines, and the world. We recognize that there are many companies, organizations and millions of Pinoys whose spirits, heroism, generous hearts, ingenuity and life stories touch us all. It is our mission to bring their positive energies, stories in one home, in one convening place. PB is a united voice to reaffirm who we are as a people and what we are capable of becoming as a people and as a Nation. Through collective efforts we share the hopes and journeys of Pinoys around the world to have a good quality of life every Pinoy deserves. As a Pinoy and a stakeholder, you and I have a one common mission - One heartsong, one global Pinoy, one heartfelt journey for one great Nation.


  • Legacy of Giving Program - Pinoy Boomer is currently putting together a database of nonprofit organizations in the Philippines and overseas whose work programs are aligned with our mission and vision. Pinoy Boomer will also feature organizations and individuals whose incredible work has left a positive mark on the lives of our kababayans, and our Nation as a whole.
  • Inspirational Pinoy Boomers (PB) - Through this website, Pinoy Boomer will showcase inspirational individuals whose stories are sure to touch readers and all Filipinos. This is an opportunity to honor and salute men and women who make us proud to be Filipinos. From all walks of life, we welcome the opportunity to share incredible stories that speak of who we are as Filipino people, the heroes in us, and stories that reflect upon true giving, Bayanihan, and the Pinoy spirit.
  • Songs for a Cause - Pinoy Boomer started with a heartsong. Songs for a Cause reflects upon Pinoy's love for music. We hope through this, we bring rhythm and harmony to many overwhelming efforts of Pinoys from many sectors of society and around the world. May our heartsong be a melody that we can instill in the hearts and minds of our kababayans. Through Songs for a Cause, we pay tribute to life stories of Pinoys, including those who are away from home who yearns to go home. This project showcases several great talented singers and great musical arrangers to bring original Filipino music dedicated to OFWs, seniors, children and various advocacies close to Pinoy Boomer. Through net proceeds from Songs for a Cause, Pinoy Boomer expects to generate funds to sustain ongoing website maintenance, inspirational programs and other future projects.
  • My World is Your World (Ang Mundo Ko'y Mundo Mo) - As its first ever Songs for a Cause project, PB is pleased to dedicate this project in support of the Tondo Millennium Challenge, an official project of the Society of the Divince Word, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Secretariat. Tondo Millennium Challenge was conceived in support of the United Nation's Millinneum Development Goals for the poorest district in Manila. Father Benigno Beltran was officially appointed by SDW-JIPC to coordinate this important initiative because of his dedicated work in the Smokey Mountain. .Through PB's A Dollar for My World is Your World, we are responding to the Tondo Millennium Challenge.
  • Pinoy Boomer Village (Pinoy Boomer Facebook Fan Page)- There are many social networking sites filled with Filipinos. PB Village hopes to bring together an online village representative of Filipinos at home and across continents - North & South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and other places. We hope it becomes a favorite Facebook place to convene, share our experiences as Filipinos, and learn from each other. We pay close attention to OFWs as a way of connecting them with their families, friends and kababayans back home. Kindly visit Facebook.com/PINOYBOOMER.
  • Pangarap ng Puso Balikan Mo Na! Pinoy Boomer is now working on a program to entice OFWs to go home and revisit great things about our country. From entertainment, tourism, food to simply reuniting with friends and families, this program will make you rediscover why "Pilipinas, Paraiso Ko!" and "Pangarap ng Puso Balikan Mo Na! are appropriate themesongs for this program. This will also be an opportunity to "give back" especially to needy populations in the Philippines. Strategic partnerships are now being explored to succesffully implement this program.
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