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The Tondo Millennium Challenge (TMC) seeks to achieve the United Nation's Eight Millennium Development Goals for the District of Tondo, the poorest district in the City of Manila, which includes the new garbage dump in Vitas, Tondo. The flagship projects are the e-trading (Veritas), e-learning (Sandiwaan) and environmental programs (Children of Mother Earth) started in Smokey Mountain. The coverage of these programs were widened to include the whole of Tondo with close to a million residents. The TMC is the project of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Secretariat of the SVD Central Province. The Secretariat is a member of Vivat International, an NGO granted observer status in the United Nations' Economic and Social Development Council. Through a series of visioning seminars and consensus-building the community leaders of Tondo have come up with an integrated development plan to uplift the area through educational, social, economic and environmental projects.

The Tondo Millennium Challenge builds upon the work that Father Benigno Beltran has accomplished in Smokey Mountain. TMC's efforts and initiatives expand on the following SEC-registered organizations.

Sandiwaan Center for Learning

Mission - To provide disadvantaged children and out of school youth with learning opportunities, and guided by the principles of integrity, solidarity, and creativity, empower them to create a sustainable future.

The Sandiwaan Center for Learning (SCL) had more than 400 pupils in the Day Care Centers, helped more than 500 students enroll in the formal school, and close to a hundred students in its vocational school, mostly for computer secretarial and computer technician courses. It has also been very active in non-formal education programs since 1987. In 1995, the non-formal program for out-of-school youth was started. The program consists of digitizing the 147 modules for the secondary level of the DepEd's Bureau of Non-Formal Education, setting up a host server and several local area networks where out­of-school youth can study the modules using a blended learning program of traditional classroom teaching and learning through computers. In the temporary relocation site, the SCL was established, with the Day Care centers, a Back-to-School program for out-of-school youth and adults and a vocational training program through the Open University of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines . More than a thousand computer technicians and computer secretaries have graduated from the Open University of the SCL. More than 3,000 out-of-school youth have benefited from the non-formal education program since 2000. There is also a scholarship program for those in the formal school. In 2009, more than 200 students were helped to go to the formal school through the provision of school materials, shoes, bags and school uniforms.

Veritas Social Empowerment, Inc
Livelihood Programs

Mission - To empower the urban and rural poor, guided by principles of integrity, solidarity and creativity, to participate in a system of exchange and production and obtain financial access to be able to set up sustainable enterprises in order to improve their quality of life.

The SAMBAYANAN NG MULING PAGKABUHAY MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE, INC., was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (MLA-367) as the livelihood arm of the SKMP. The cooperative is engaged in livelihood projects to improve the economic situation of the former scavengers. The parish cooperative has undertaken livelihood programs, primarily through a micro-finance program involving 600 women and other livelihood projects, like a garment cooperative and the production of handbags using newspapers and magazines. A trading network with the farmers from other diocese has been set up with the parish cooperative. The e-learning program for out-of-school youth is seeking the bridge the digital divide. Interactive CD's in English, Math and Science has been produced and students trained for Business Process Outsourcing jobs after they have earned the equivalent of a high school diploma from the Department of Education's Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems.

Mga Anak ng Inang Daigdig
(Children of Mother Earth)

Mission - To utilize the performing arts, guided by the principles of integrity and creativity, to call on every one to join the race to save Mother Earth.

Children of Mother Earth (Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig, MAIDs), is a traditional Filipino dance company featuring youth from Smokey Mountain garbage dump -the third largest untreated garbage dump in the world. This rigorous and disciplined performing arts group issues a collective call to commitment through dance to protect God's creation and to treat each other as brothers and sisters. Founded in 1994, MAIDs seeks to connect children with a message of stewardship and responsibility for our world while giving its dancers an opportunity to secure a better future through education. MAIDs gives scavenger children living on the fringes of society exposure to the arts while providing a way out of the scavenger lifestyle for children born into the cycle of poverty. Company members and those in training are required to stay in school as a requisite for dancing in the company. Full tuition scholarships for college and high school are provided to all participants. In addition to dance technique, discipline and commitment, the program teaches basic life skills including personal hygiene, table manners and communication skills. They are also engaged in dialogue with children from other religions, especially Muslim children in Mindanao .

Since its founding, MAIDs has given over 350 performances to raise environmental awareness and call for peace. In the process, it has given underprivileged youth the chance to raise their self-esteem, secure an education and provide for their future. The MAIDs dance company debuted in 1994 giving a premier concert entitled “The Cry of Mother Nature” at the Philippine International Convention Center. The company has since toured by invitation throughout the Philippines , Australia , United States , Germany and Japan.

Children of Mother Earth engages close to a hundred children in folkloric dance training with dancers and musicians in the performing company each year. Dancers range in age from 7 to 19. The company was directed by the late Mr. Ramon Obusan of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, honored with the National Artist for Dance award, and trained by Dance Master Marciano Viri. The children perform dances from the Cordillera, Bagobo, T'boli, Tausug, Maranao, and the Talaandig ethnic communities, including dances during the Spanish and American colonial occupation.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines designated Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig as Ambassadors for Peace and Environment. They performed in the theme concert “Towards the Realization of Eco-Communities” during the celebration of World Environment Day, June 5, at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi , Japan . The group has gone to Germany 5 times, to the US 6 times and to Japan 6 times for a series of environmental concert tours. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment gave the group through a stewardship agreement 145 hectares in the Marikina Watershed to reforest, in a bid to minimize flooding, combat global warming, and add more water to the aquifers in the watershed.

Contact Information

Fr. Benigno Beltran
Maynilad Building, Del Pan
Tel. No.                                                  :     (63) 928705384 - Cell Phone
Email                                                     :     beltransvd@yahoo.com
Website                                                 :    www.maid1994.org

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Father Benigno Beltran is the lead coordinator of TMC
Build A Toilet (BAT) Project
Computer Learning Center
SCL provides access to learning opportunities through a non-formal, community-based e-learning program.
Veritas Social Empowerment, Inc.
Economics for Sustainable Development
Tondo Bagsakan Center
Tondo Livelihood Program
Children of Mother Earth, Ambassador for Peace and Environment
Tondo MAID
Through songs and dances of the indegenous tribes in the Philippines, MAID's mission is to call on everyone to save Mother Earth.
Father Ben with GMA7 artists helping in MAID's trees planting efforts in Montalban, Marikina.

Tondo Millennium Challenge

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