About the FAAP

The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. is an association of Filipinos, Americans and friends whose primary mission is to develop, promote, and perpetuate the Filipino cultural heritage among its members and the general public through cultural, charitable and educational activities.

The association started out as an informal social group in 1957. It was formally organized as the Samahang Pilipino ng Pittsburgh in 1964 and renamed the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. The FAAP was granted public charity status in 2000 and classified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. The FAAP is a strong and dynamic organization primarily run by over 30 regular volunteers. There is no paid staff and all funds are directed towards its programs.

The Three Pillars of the FAAP

Charity . The FAAP holds events for fund-raising , as well as participates in year-round activities which benefit charities here and in the Philippines. These include raising money for disaster relief programs, shelters, libraries, and helping out at local food banks, and other charities.

Culture . The FAAP exposes its members and the public to the Filipino culture through participation in cultural events in the area. It's dance troupe performs in many public and private events.

Education . The FAAP seeks to enhance the educational achievements of its members through a scholarship program named after its founder, Simplicio Maramba. The FAAP also participates in the Federal Executive Board's yearly Asian American Heritage Celebration. Aside from building the Philippine Nationality Room, the FAAP 's future plans include the establishment of a Philippine Center that will serve the needs of the FAAP and other groups.

Mission and Vision Statement

Vision Statement: FAAP envisions a dynamic and vibrant Filipino American community that is recognized and valued as an integral part of America's ethnic diversity.

Mission Statement: FAAP's mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Filipino heritage among our members and the general public through cultural, charitable and educational activities.

Values Statements

FAAP members believe and practices the following values:

Bayanihan Spirit: Committed to cooperation and camaraderie, unselfishly caring for others and working for the common good. It is an espirit d'corps that elevates volunteering of one's self, time and resources to the highest and most admirable levels.

Respect: S how respect for everyone, always courteous in word and demeanor, open to ideas and opposing points of view. FAAP is caring of our elders who have nurtured us with their wisdom and experience. It values children who look to elders as true and unflinching role models.

Non-discriminatory: Believes in the equality of all people, treating them with fairness and tolerance, accepting of their faith, politics, economic status, profession, education and ethnicity.

Integrity: U pright and dignified, expecting the same of others at home, in the workplace and the world at large. FAAP subscribes to principles of ethics, dependability and justice, ever mindful that how they conduct themselves reflects on our moral compass.

Transparency and Accountability: Honest and open with fellow human beings as they go about their daily lives, answerable to our consciences for our actions and ultimately responsible for their consequences.

Hospitality: Welcoming to all who come in friendship to their door, sharing willingly of their repast and possessions. Their patience, musicality and unfailing sense of humor serve them well in all manner of social relationships.

Contributions to the Filipino Community

The FAAP opeartes the following cultural programs

  • Biennial Benefit Concert
  • Biennial Film Festival
  • Cookbook
  • Dance Troupe
  • Philippine Nationality Room

The FAAP also participates in the following events in Pittsburgh.

  • Annual Asian American Heritage Days
  • Annual Pittsburgh Folk Festival
  • Annual Nationality Rooms Holiday Open House

The FAAP - Making a Difference

(Please provide some projects/achievements impacting Filipino community in Pittsburgh and at home. Plus photos with captions).

The FAAP On Video

Contact Information

Ms. Teodora Gaite Schipper
CEO/Executive Director
5466 Pocusset Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Tel. No.                                                  :     (412) 491-8617
Fax No.                                                  :     (412) 368-5201
Email                                                     :     2009.directors@thefaap.org
Website                                                 :     www.thefaap.org


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FAAP President

Teodora Gaite Schipper
FAAP President 2009-2010

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