About the San Miguel de Mayumo Cluster USA, Inc.

San Miguel de Mayumo Cluster USA, Inc. (SMdM CUSA) is a non-profit, non-political, charitable organization made up of civic-minded volunteers.  Formed in the late part of 2005, it was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 2006 and recognized as a 501c3 in 2007.  This organization provides San Migueleños residing in the United States an avenue and vehicle to effect social transformation in its hometown. It seeks to cultivate social awareness amongst its members to help them develop into effective and efficient agents of social change. It also aims to nurture a sense of family within their members and promote Filipino cultural awareness among the children of members born in the United States. The association directs its collective energies towards active involvement in our hometown community and society.

The members of SMdM CUSA commit to the vision of forming a truly unified community of San Migueleño's, founded on the common desire to effect social change to make their hometown a pleasant place to live in

Guiding Principles

SMdM CUSA embraces the following organizational values as guiding principles. It holds itself responsible to support and demonstrate these values in members' daily tasks, decisions and interactions. Members acknowledge that effective communication creates the foundation of these values.

  • Service -- to their hometown's youth, educational institutions, and others who may be affected by their actions
  • Fairness -- in selecting recipients of approved projects
  • Integrity -- in their working relationships, practices, and decision-making
  • Respect -- for the individual's role, diversity, and viewpoints
  • Cooperation -- in the planning, management and implementation of approved projects
  • Openness -- in listening to advices and suggestions
  • Transparency -- in conducting the organization's day-to-day operation
  • Independence -- from political or religious pressure
  • Commitment -- to a better San Miguel, Bulacan

SMdM CUSA Projects - Making a Difference


The BAT Project is an on-going program and SMdM CUSA’s first. The organization is aware that school administrators are often confronted by budgetary challenges that they learn to navigate by prioritizing necessities in their respective environments. Understandably, books, classrooms and chairs take the top spots on the list of requirements. The toilet, the most basic of sanitary facilities, is often relegated to the bottom of the list, if it ever gets on it.

Ill-maintained and inaccessible toilets in public schools pose health hazards to students.
This must be every adult’s concern, especially parents and teachers. SMdM CUSA considers this an urgent need that must be addressed. Within its first three years of existence, SMdM CUSA constructed 11 toilets in six public schools in San Miguel: Bantog Elementary School, San Miguel Elementary School, Balaong Elementary School, Salakot High School, Batasan Elementary School, and Paliwasan Elementary School.

The Computer Project

SMdM CUSA is continuously solicitng and sending back computers and other technical equipment to San Miguel, Bulacan for the use of local public schools.  The donated hardware was provided by generous San Migueleños in the United States and Canada. 

The Potable Water System Project

A child spends majority of his/her waking hours in school. During this period, his/her mental and physical well being requires proper nutrition and fluids. The need for safe and clean drinking water in schools cannot be overemphasized.

As part of SMdM CUSA's campaign to promote healthy school environment, the organization launched the Potable Water System Project. A 2-HP water pump was donated to and installed at the Salakot Elementary School which has 250 students.

The SMdM CUSA Scholarship Project

"Sometimes, we dream small dreams, because we believe that little blocks will someday come together to form a mighty pyramid." With this mantra in mind, SMdM CUSA sets out to establish a
scholarship program at the Bulacan Polythecnic College. This program was intended to empower simple people to become productive members of society.

Bulacan Polythecnic College was chosen because it is located in San Miguel. This lessens the burden on the students’ parents and SMdM CUSA in sending these scholars to school. The scholarship’s selection criteria were formulated by a school committee and were based on the student’s academic performance and economic needs. The scholarship budget was initially seeded by the Leonardo dela Cruz Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ernesto L. Sinaguinan Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Vedasto R. Santiago Memorial Scholarship Fund, and donations from kind-hearted San Migueleños.

This program started with 10 scholars. Another five scholars are added each subsequent
school year.

Medical Mission

SMdM CUSA held its first Medical-Dental Mission in San Miguel in February 2007. The six-day mission provided free consultation, evaluation, tooth extractions and prescriptions, as well as free medicine and vitamins, to thousands of indigent patients.

The medical team, headed by Drs. Miguel and Nieves de Castro, was comprised of members of the USTMAA (University of  Santo Tomas Medical Alumni Association ) Tri-State Chapter NJ, PA and DE  and the PMSGP (Philippine Medical Society of Greater Philadelphia) which included doctors from various specializations like General Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Internal Medicine. They were joined by dentists from San Miguel and other towns in Bulacan and by local nurses.

SMdM CUSA coordinated the entire mission, including board and accommodation of the volunteer physicians, dentists and nurses, necessary local permits, announcements and selection of needy patients.  SMdM CUSA also provided free snacks to patients while they wait for their turn. Mr. Emmanuel (Boy) Echavarria, SMdM CUSA Coordinator in San Miguel, and his team of local volunteers, worked closely with the mission that insured the resounding success and effectiveness of this undertaking. The mission turned over plenty of “leftover” medicine and vitamins to Dr. Edwin Tecson, head of the local health units, who in turn, conducted several health missions.

The Christmas Gift-Giving Project

The Christmas Gift-giving Project, intended to bring to children of resource-challenged families the elusive Christmas excitement, started in 2006 as members’ individual desires to show gratefulness for the blessings they enjoy in this country, but found its way to San Miguel de Mayumo Cluster USA’s list of staple projects. These Christmas gift bags include groceries and school supplies. SMdM CUSA provides the funds and vision, while distribution logistics is provided by the Knights of Columbus St. Michael Council 4353.

San Miguel Youth Center

SMdM CUSA's most current project – the San Miguel Youth Center Complex – is envisioned to be the techno-cultural-recreation hub for the San Migueleño youth. It will include a Multipurpose Hall, an Online Research Center and a Recreational Center.

The Multipurpose Hall is intended to be The Venue for youth-oriented assemblies, seminars and workshops, and a performance and exhibition space to showcase the talents of the San Migueleño youth and to promote cultural/heritage awareness (through thematic exhibits, e.g., life and works of Nicanor Abelardo, etc.).

A small section of the Multipurpose Hall will be permanently allocated to the Teacher Resource Center. In here, teachers will learn to soar past the limitations imposed by huge class sizes, insufficient student learning materials, and conventional, but traditionally low-yield teaching methodologies. Seminars and workshops will be conducted by nationally-renowned experts. Publications on alternative teaching methods, classroom projects, etc., will be available to teachers. Online PCs are also available to teachers researching to further improve their students' learning experience.

The Online Research Center will provide free use of PCs with broadband internet access for student research and free use of non-internet-connected PCs for student projects. Free classes on PC basics,  and safe and effective online searches will be conducted. It will also be an enrichment venue for interested schools with motivated and talented students.

The Recreational Center will provide multiple sports facilities, i.e., a tennis court, basketball courts, and several ping pong tables. SMdM CUSA will supply all the sport equipment. Free clinics will be conducted based on the availability of experts. Athletes bound for the provincial or regional meets may be housed here (instead of the San Miguel Elementary School or San Miguel High School classrooms) while pursuing the prerequisite training and attending classes at the same time.

Contact Information


P.O. BOX 278
Tel. No.                                                  :     (215)801-1293 or (201)336-2928
Email                                                     :     admin@sanmigueldemayumo.org
Website                                                 :    www.sanmigueldemayumo.org

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Build A Toilet (BAT) Project
The Computer Project
The Potable Water System Project
The SMdM CUSA Scholarship Project
Our First 10 Scholars
Medical Mission
The medical team and volunteers in action.  Over 2500 families were served by this project.
The Christmas Gift-Giving Project
This is Christmas for San Migueleños through the efforts of San Miguel de Mayumo and the Knights of Columbus.
San Miguel Youth Center
Ground-breaking ceremony was held on December 12, 2009 at the project site in San Miguel.
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