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Ten Years of Passion for Our SOS Children -
"A Loving Home for Every Child"
By Aleah Ortiz* and Imelda Roberts

“We cease to understand the nature of the child when we fail to appreciate the importance of a child's relationship with his mother. This relationship lays the foundation for our whole development, both as individuals and as members of society.” These were the wise words of the father and founder of SOS Children's Villages, Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. This belief encapsulates Bienvenido L. Delgado, who relentlessly serves SOS Children's Villages Philippines' mission of providing for the best interest of every child.

Success for Mr. Delgado cannot be truly quantified. It is not measured by numbers, riches and credentials in one's resumé. Instead, success is measured by how an individual has found his own role in society and thereby learned to live it to his fullest capacity, contributing to the betterment of the community and society. In this context, we can also truly say that his is a life well-lived, a testament of success by living for others, particularly for the children.

His role as the first National Director of SOS Children's Villages Philippines has allowed him to share to others Dr. Gmeiner's vision—for every child to grow with love, respect and security through a loving family. This positive perspective is his driving force, what motivates him in motivating others. He has facilitated numerous seminars, all to guide the staff in sustaining programs of SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines . It is a very good example of positive cause-and-effect.

Loved as an Uncle Bien, children who once suffered the complexities of life prior to SOS are now living independently and building families of their own. His leadership resulted to the success of many children and still continues to bring positive outcome as he closely works with the Mothers. Many times, former SOS children share to others the lessons and values gained from growing in an SOS family environment; some have chosen to serve SOS themselves, paying it forward. 1,212 former SOS children are now successfully integrated back to society. For him, the achievements of his children lie on their values and determination to stand on their own two feet. Achieving that alone already makes a world of difference.

To date, 1,058 children benefits from the family-based care program and 4,011 children under the family strengthening program. It is through Uncle Bien's strong hold on the SOS vision that he continues to influence individuals and advocating children's rights, foremost of this, the right to be loved and cared for unconditionally.

More of Mr. Delgado's passion in coaching and mentoring to serve children are being realized. Four more SOS Children's Villages are planned to be established by 2016 to provide new homes to children without the care of their own biological parents. Also, Family Strengthening Programs will be intensified to care for children who are at risk of losing the care of their own parents because of many socio-economic problems. SOS Children's Villages help answer the root cause of child abandonment and share to more individuals the importance of a family in a child's over-all growth and development.

Who is Bienvenido L. Delgado - His Career and Family

As the the first Filipino National Director of SOS Children's Villages since August 1999, Bienvenido Delgado is responsible for overseeing over 300 Mothers, Aunts and Co-workers in eight Children's Villages and other ancillary facilities.

He has attended training courses for SOS Senior Co-workers at the Hermann Gmeiner Academy in SOS-Kinderdorf International – Innsbruck , Austria from year 2000 up to the present and in SOS-Kinderdorf International Asia Office in Faridabad , India in 2001 up to 2006. He also served as the Continental Navigator for Human Resource Development Strategic Initiatives from 2004 to 2006 and conducted trainings and meetings for SOS Children's Villages Philippines since 1999 up to the present.

Prior to joining SOS Children's Villages Philippines, Mr. Delgado was Vice President for Administration for Golden Nuggets International from 1995 to 1996. He also worked for three years as Vice President/General Manager of Mandarin Accents & Lines Export Company. His work with non-governmental/volunteer organization as Executive Director of Morning Star Ministries, Inc. for five years prepared him to understand the scope of responsibilities in his current role with SOS Children's Vilalges.

In his young career and for about nine years, he served as Personal Staff Assistant to the Office of the Senate. He also worked as Projection Liaison Officer of Senate President Gil J. Puyat to various social & civic organizations like Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Foundation for Youth Development in the Philippines , University of the Philippines Endowment Foundation, Bishops-Businessmen's Conference for Human Development.

He is a product of Loyola School of Theology where he finished his Theological Studies in 1989. He also went from Maryhill School of Theology in 1984; attended the Haggai Institute for Advance Leadership in Singapore in 1985 and Fuller Seminary in California in 1989.

He completed Public Administration courses at the University of the Philippines and an AB Political Science, minor in English & Philosophy from San Beda College. He was a consistent academic scholar and graduated top three in the class while also occupying leadership positions as Student Council Vice President, Presiding Officer, and Student Legislative Council, President, Political Science Club. At an early age, he shows his leadership skills and received the Gerry Roxas Leadership Award while in high school at Don Bosco Technical Institute

His Family and His True Mission

.Born on June 6, 1951, Bienvenido L. Delgado is married to Marilou Pineda Zapata and blessed with three children, namely: Vincent Benedict, Michael Angelo, and Ma. Francesca. He considers his work with SOS Children's Villages as an extended family and part of his true mission. “TOGETHER for the children” is the vision of Mr. Delgado. It is now the spirituality that moves mothers, co-workers and friends of SOS Children's Villages Philippines. His commitment and love for the children is aptly quoted; “We are here for you as your family, to prepare you to face the challenges of community, society and professional world.”


Note: Contributing to this article is Aleah Ortiz, Assistant Director of Sponsorship and Corporate Communication, SOS Children's Villages Philippines, National Office




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Mr. Delgado together with Mr. Helmut Kutin, SOS Children’s Villages International President, and Mrs. Francis Santos, SOS Philippines Mother Coordinato

Mr. Delgado together with Mr. Helmut Kutin, SOS Children’s Villages International President, and Mrs. Francis Santos, SOS Philippines Mother Coordinator, during an International Meeting .

Mr. Delgado during his first year as the National Director of SOS Philippines

Mr. Delgado during his first year as the National Director of SOS Philippines

Mr. Delgado promoting AnyJuan Movement, SOS Philippines' most recent new media campaign, together with Mrs. Malou Delgado and Ms. Jamie Rivera, SOS Child Advocate.

Mr. Delgado promoting AnyJuan Movement, SOS Philippines' most recent new media campaign, together with his wife, Malou Delgado and Jamie Rivera, SOS Child Advocate.

Mr. Delgado addressing a speech to the SOS Bataan family.
One of Mr. Delgado's intimate moments with an SOS child.

One of Mr. Delgado's intimate moments with an SOS child.





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