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Our Vision - We envision Pinoy Boomer to be the mother site
of what is great and cool about Pinoys!

Inspiring, Nurturing. Affirming
the Positive Spirit & the Goodness in Pinoys' Hearts.

Our Mission - One Heartsong,
One Global Pinoy, One Heartfelt Journey for one great Nation

BRIEF BEGINNING: Pinoy Boomer (PB) was inspired by a song written by Imelda Roberts. Following completion of her book, Barefooted Soul, with 40 stories of her life she wrote in 40 consecutive nights, Imelda wrote an epilogue based upon her desire to pay tribute to her native country, the Philippines. At age 50, when her book was published, Pinoy Boomer, captures the essence of what she hopes to pursue next.

"Pinoy Boomer reflects a Filipino-American baby boomer dreaming of going back relishing memories of the Philippines... The time has come to pay tribute to my beloved native land, the Philippines." Though Pinoy Boomer may connote baby boomers, the project is about pursuing a dream and sharing ones talents. It is a dream of returning home after many years abroad, reaffirming what is great and cool about the Philippines and its people.

True to her promise, Imelda has returned to the Philippines several times to share her inspirational journey. Her personal observations and experiences during her travel in the last years gave her clearer ideas on what she can personally commit and do to give life to her dreams.

Pinoy Boomer is a promise being fulfilled, a heartsong being performed, a creative outreach and a purposeful journey which she hopes will touch the lives of her fellow Filipinos all around the world. One Heartsong, One Global Pinoy, One Heartfelt Journey for our Nation


  • Pinoys Who Inspire Us All
  • Institutions for Good Governance, for the Poor and for the Needy, and a Friend of the Environment
  • Nationwide Housing, Education, Employment and Community/Business Development Issues and Solutions
  • Overseas Filipino Workers
  • Youth, Children, Seniors and Women


  • Believe in God - Do things in His honor and respect people's faith regardless of religion. Iisang Diyos, iba ibang pangalan nguni't ang tunay na maka-Diyos ay may puso para sa ibang tao, sa ating bayan at sa ating mundo na Kanyang nilikha.
  • Our Nation First - Makabayan. Una ang ating bayan.
  • Outstanding commitment and responsibility. Ordinary people, doing extra-ordinary things. May kakayanan ang bawat isa. Maging sino man, may kakayahan gumawa ng bagay na kamangha-mangha para sa sarili, sa pamilya at sa bayan. Matiyaga, masipag, and matulungin sa kapwa.
  • My World is Your World - This song expresses our value towards the world we live in and our relationship among Filipinos and all people of the world. It is our hope that PB can make a positive impact to those around us and to the world in general. In our own ways, we at PB will do our best to take part on important issues affecting our world, and in the end help make our own community a better place than we found it.
  • Engaged, involved, and action-oriented! Kusang kumikilos, namamahagi ng kaalaman, kaisipan at oras.
  • Rule of Law - May takot at sumusunod sa tuntunin ng batas.

Recent Milestones/Expected Events

  • Vision & Mission Development, Strategic and programs planning.
  • Creation and Official Release of Pinoyboomer.com - the mother site. June 2010
  • Creation of Pinoy Boomer Village (Pinoyboomer.net), a networking site for Pinoys all over the world. Beta-testing launched on Mother's Day, May 9, 2010. Official launch, Father's Day - June 2010.
  • Creation of Circle of Friends and Supporters to advance the work of PB. June 2010
  • Planning and development of My World is Your World Project, June 2010.
  • Development and implementation of PBMyWorld.net, June 2010.
  • Release of original Pilipino music by Imelda Roberts under Pinoy Boomer's Songs for a Cause with net profits benefiting Pinoy Boomer projects and its advocacies, July 2010
  • Development of the Pinoy Boomer "Pangarap ng Puso Balikan Mo Na!" End of 2010
  • Strategic partnerships with nonprofit agencies and the US as it relates to "gift giving" in support of various advocies important to Pinoy Boomer - Ongoing


What does Pinoy Boomer means in literal sense?

Pinoy Boomer in literal sense means a Filipino baby boomer.

Though the title may connote age, the song, Pinoy Boomer, is about the wisdom to imprint our own legacy at any time of our lives, especially as we grow older. It also reflects upon Filipinos' dreams to revisit the Philippines to help the Philippines and enjoy life to the fullest.

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